Change starts with a vision

Eco-Vision provides total support for business projects, with a focus on environmental protection and cost-efficiency. Our integrated solutions include environmental consultancy and pragmatic customization, from the first analysis to the final completion. This provides our customers with both ecological benefits and operating profit.


Eco-Vision is your partner for expert advice in terms of the environment. We provide pragmatic and result-oriented advice tailored to your company. Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise, we can guarantee a quality service.


Eco-Vision is not a distributor of technologies, but a problem solver. For every water treatment challenge, we first carefully examine the problem at source. Based on a thorough analysis, we then select the most appropriate technique to provide you with further assistance. From experience, we know that this approach guarantees the right solution. We certainly don’t want to be the umpteenth box mover, so instead we opt for a strategy of proactive thinking along with the client. That is the best basis for your lasting satisfaction.


Automation (through a PLC system, controlled by a visualization package) significantly reduces the operational costs of a water treatment plant.

Water treatment

We are an SME that focuses on water purification projects. We provide total guidance with a hyper-focus on environmental protection and cost-efficiency. With our approach we want to provide a solutions that combine environmental gain with business profit. The Design, the programming, the installation, the maintenance, as well as the sale of these high-quality installations are part of our expertise. Customers are located both at home and abroad and in various branches of the industry: chemicals, metals, concrete, pharmacy, etc. What characterizes our company is not only the modern infrastructure, but also the extremely professional management.

Production lines

Chemical storage

By default, the dosing of chemistry is done by directly draining an IBC by using a suction pipe. This suction lance is inserted loosely into the opening on top of the IBC, making it difficult to completely empty the IBC. A SIB system is provided to solve this problem. The SIB system consists of a PE drip tray containing an automatically tilting IBC platform.

Why choose Eco-Vision?

Our team can rely on more than twenty years of experience in the most diverse sectors, such as food, metal, surface treatment, the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. As a reliable partner, we guide you throughout the entire process: from engineering to permits to implementation. As an expert environmental partner, we are the refuge for pragmatic and result-oriented advice. We guarantee quality service based on decades of experience and in-depth expertise.
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