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Project New Hope Cambodia
The complete water treatment system is built within a 20ft sea container as a plug and play unit (at Eco-Vision in As Belgium , Januari 2015). This is celebrated with all the sponsor clubs, the suppliers, local authorities and the CambodianAmbassador in the EU, Belgium and Austria. All participants had a refreshing drink and appreciated the water of the water treatment system at the Eco-Vison site prior to a dinner party at the meeting location of Rotary Club Genk. Opening the container, after a long voyage, revealed that the whole installation, the spare parts and the filtersubstances were intact and a lot of enthusiastic hands were ready to start the connection works immediately.
Vacuum Evaporation replaces physical chemical purification
While wastewater was traditionally recognized as a cost item for many companies, the tide is turning in various sectors today. Duco, a manufacturer of ventilation and sun protection systems, also recently decided to thoroughly review its wastewater management. Together with the experts from Eco-Vision, the company managed to recycle the waste water and reintegrate it into the production processes. A closed circuit that saves costs and contributes to constant production quality.
Closed circuit more ecological and economical than discharge
The metal industry entails industrial waste water, which cannot simply be discharged directly into the public sewer system. There are several physicochemical techniques to remove this water from the pollutants to the discharging level, as determined by the environmental legislation.
Various techniques for saving water at Eco-Vision
Saving water: nowadays the theme is very high on the agenda of many companies. Partly for ecological-economic reasons, and partly to be in good time with stricter environmental standards for specific sectors. Eco-Vision, located in the Ambachtslaan in As, is well acquainted with this matter.
Betting on a closed circuit leads to substantial savings
Developing and applying a coherent vision on ecology can have far-reaching, positive consequences. The customers of Eco-Vision also experience this. The environmental technology company based in As is causing a stir among companies in the chemical, surface treatment and concrete industry with solutions that allow to save a lot of water.