What can you expect from Eco-Vision?

Eco-Vision is not a distributor of technologies, but a problem solver. For every water treatment challenge, we first carefully examine the problem at source. Based on a thorough analysis, we then select the most appropriate technique to provide you with further assistance. From experience, we know that this approach guarantees the right solution. We certainly don’t want to be the umpteenth box mover, so instead we opt for a strategy of proactive thinking along with the client. That is the best basis for your lasting satisfaction.


Waste water research in lab.
Rental of test installations.

Study and design

From the inventory of the production process a water balance is drawn up to make the choice of water treatment and / or waste water treatment with this data. In all these facets, maximum water recycling is taken into account.


Service and preventive maintenance.
Monitoring (waste) water quality.
Delivery of flocculants, resins and basic chemicals.