The evaporation of various types of waste water into a small residue can bring significant added value to the treatment of such flows. You can opt for external discharge or for treatment per batch. For this purpose Eco-Vision works together with partners H
O and Eco-Techno.

Mechanical vapor compression system (H

This evaporator is known for its very low energy consumption. The vapor compressor provides the vacuum, which enables the waste water to evaporate at a temperature of 80°C. The compressed vapor reaches a temperature of 120°C. This combination guarantees an efficient killing of all bacteria.

Operation high vacuum low temperature evaporators

This is a very suitable technique for waste water flows with a high concentration of halogens, such as chlorine and fluorine, which can cause pit corrosion at a high temperature. The water evaporates at a very low temperature (around 35°C). The evaporators from EcoTechno work with a high vacuum generated by a vacuum pump which allows the water from waste water to be evaporated at a temperature of 35 - 65°C depending on the type of evaporator. The ECO-VS systems work with a vacuum pump and a heat pump and can therefore evaporate waste streams at low pH even with high concentrations of halogens. The ECO-DPM evaporators work with electricity or hot water.
Eco-Vision chooses the right technology depending on your requirements and the specific composition of your waste water. In function thereof, we perform laboratory tests in advance, with a complete report on the thickening degree and the distillate quality. It goes without saying that we can also use pilot devices for every type of installation.