Various techniques

Physico-chemical treatment remains an important water treatment technology. We use various techniques for this, such as:
pH control
chemical dosage
detoxification through oxidation or reduction
dewatering (through a centrifuge or filter press)

Run-through or batch systems

Our lab examines the relevant waste water flows in function of a correct dimensioning of the designated techniques. We offer the physico-chemical treatment in a throughput/ run-through or batch system. Often a conventional installation with detoxification, neutralization and dewatering (ONO) appears to be the right choice. With flushing water, we sometimes combine this with ion exchangers in an open or closed circuit.

Closed-loop physico-chemistry in the concrete sector

Subsequently we remove the precipitated solids via filtration. Filtration (with big bags or a filter press) is a robust solution to absorb all of the sludge from the waste water. By bundling different physico-chemical techniques, such as flocculation, sedimentation and pH correction with CO2, it is possible to achieve the zero-discharge status.