The SAFE IBC system by Eco-Vision

Safe IBC

Go for a 100% safe and empty IBC

As standard, the dosing of chemistry is done by direct draining the IBC using a suction lance. This suction lance is loosely inserted into the opening on top of the IBC, making it difficult to empty the IBC completely. A Safe IBC system is provided to solve this problem. The Safe IBC system consists of a PE drip tray containing an automatically tilting IBC platform connected to an interim tank to ensure a interruption-free dosing system.

Safe IBC developed by Eco-Vision

The IBC is located on the designated platform. A chemical- and aeration hose ensure a double coupling of the IBC to the small interim tank. Once the IBC drain valve is opened the content of the IBC automatically level with that of the small interim tank. The dosing pump (1 or more) is connected to the bottom of the interim tank. Due to its higher position, the IBC will empty faster than the buffer tank. The interim tank still contains a spare volume of chemistry (+/- 100 liters or more can be chosen), which gives the operator the opportunity to safely and easily replace the IBC without a production stop.
The interim tank will make sure there are no production delays
100% empty IBC with Safe IBC
Safe IBC is conform with the environmental legislation
Safe IBC is vapor free and safe
No dosing interuption
Notification of change
Stand-alone Safe IBC unit

Some benefites of the Safe IBC.

1. No production standstill

Due to the buffer effect of the interim-tank, the IBC can be replaced without stopping the process. Safe IBC ensures a safe and smooth working environment.

2. 100 % empty IBC

Because the IBC starts to slope from the moment that the IBC falls below a certain level, it will empty completely in the interim tank without unwanted chemistry remaining in the IBC.

3. Conform environmental legislation

Both the IBC and the interim tank are in a drip tray, the total content of this drip tray is than the combined content of IBC and interim-tank. In addition, a visual check of the drip tray is possible, so that the system is conform the legislature for liquids harmful to water.

4. Vapor-free

Once connected, the whole system forms a closed circuit, eliminating any fumes. This ensures a safe working environment.

5. No dosing interruption

The 100% empty IBC can be replaced in a simple and safe way without interupting the process of dosing.

6. Notification of change

The level measurement (optional) on the buffer tank means that people are constantly aware of the volume of chemistry still present, so that new chemistry can be ordered in time based on a report.

7. Stand-alone unit

The Safe IBC can be perfectly built as a stand-alone unit with an integrated dosing pump, level measurement, control and possibly movable.

Safe IBC systems in use

Mieke - Hydro Building Systems Benelux

Hydro Building Systems Landen has also opted for Safe IBC. Safe handling of chemical products and no more waste.

Peter - Ebema

We have been using the Safe IBC system for more than a year. Clean and especially safe changing of barrels. We are very satisfied with it. Cost reduction of product because the barrel is completely empty. Top system.