Project New Hope Cambodia

Project New Hope Cambodia

The complete water treatment system is built within a 20ft sea container as a plug and play unit (at Eco-Vision in As Belgium , Januar 2015)

Installation inside the container at Eco-Vision

12 Februari 2015

The container is ready for Shipment to New Hope Cambodia and this is celebrated with all the sponsor clubs, with the suppliers, local authorities and the CambodianAmbassador in the EU, Belgium and Austria. All participants drunk and appreciated the water of the water treatment system at the Eco-Vison site prior to a dinner party at the meeting location of Rotary Club Genk

Emma Groenen (District Governor 1630), Dominiek Willemse (DRFC 1630)
Theo Bollen (RC Genk, CEO Eco-Vision), Yvan Palmers (comm. RF at RC Genk)
Erwin Bollen (President RC Genk and initiator of the project, Jef Gabriels (ADG 1630)

16 April 2015 Official Donation Ceremony

Opening of the container, after a long voyage, reveiled that the whole installation, the spare parts and the filtersubstances were intact and a lot of enthusiastic hands were ready to start the connection works immediately

The trained technicians are honoured by awarding them a certificate of their skills.

16 April 215

All the visiting Rotarians posing proudly in front of the container and they enjoyed drinking the water treated by the purifying apparatus.

The inauguration ceremony ended with a delicious meal in the “New Hope Cambodia” training restaurant, linked to the school. And there was hard labour in the kitchen for so many guests

Visit at the slums of Mondul III, Slorkram, Siem Reap

Extreme poverty, unemployment or a job at 3 to 6 USD a week, official schools and hospitals are unaffordable, prostitution and pedophilic tourists, ….. But a lot of children with an unforgettable smile! Before leaving NHC, members of RC Genk gave fresh fruit to the children in the streets of the slums around the school.

Last works performed by local technicians under remote guidance of Eco-Vision

A shelter for the container : providing shadow and prevent major temperature rise inside. A airco unit is installed within the container.

Some data and numbers