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WAREGEM – The water treatment companies Hydris and Eco-Vision are merging and from 1 January will continue under one name: Eco-Vision. More knowledge, more experience, even more vision. Engineering, service, installation and advice make the new Eco-Vision a unique player in the market, and this under the flag of the dynamic Waregem-based company Pollet Water Group, which also has a branch in As in Limburg.

Eco-Vision was founded in 1999 by Theo Bollen as a supplier of total water treatment solutions. Those integrated solutions include environmental consultancy, engineering, installation and process automation. Traditionally, Eco-Vision has been heavily involved in wastewater projects. In late 2020, Eco-Vision became part of the international Pollet Water Group.

Hydris, for its part, was founded in 2011 by Pollet Water Group as a specialist in industrial water treatment. Like Eco-Vision, Hydris has a strong engineering and service department.

Merging the two companies creates a very complementary story in the field of industrial water treatment with experience in numerous sectors and a good geographical spread in the country. Henceforth, both companies will continue under 1 common strong name: Eco-Vision.

Come to the water

For Theo Bollen, general manager Eco-Vision, it’s as plain as water: “Water is a precious and universal commodity,” says Bollen. “Optimising and reusing water is the future. The challenges are great, but above all there are many opportunities for our Belgian and, by extension, European industry. With Eco-Vision, we make use of alternative water sources to reduce operating and energy costs to improve our customers’ production processes. At the same time, we have the know-how and technologies to close the water cycle and reuse water wherever possible. Eco-Vision is making every effort to make the production chain more efficient, greener and less water-consuming for the benefit of customers.”

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