‘What’s Cooking?’ & Eco-Vision: together towards water reuse

Wommelgem – As – Waregem

European food group ‘What’s Cooking?’ and water treatment specialist Eco-Vision are joining forces to make water reuse a priority. The ‘water-as-a-service’ project at the factory in Wommelgem ensures maximum recuperation of processed water and works towards a closed water cycle. Result? A solid water saving of about one Olympic-sized pool every half week.

Art Picavet, Plant Manager of ‘What’s Cooking?’ in Wommelgem, explains: “Thanks to the technology and expertise of our partner Eco-Vision and the good project work of our engineer Tony Lanciers, we will be able to convert the waste water from the production process into drinking water from now on. Despite the drinking water quality achieved with the new plant, the water will only be used for cleaning our machines for the time being. In other words, from now on we will use our treated wastewater in a circular way to reduce the need for groundwater in order to clean. If you think of the frequent and long periods of extreme drought in recent years, we are certainly helping nature and the water table. The residual flow from the reuse plant ends up in Aquafin’s plants, which in turn continue to process the residual water.”


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